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Here’s the Wine Rating Scale

96-100 - Extraordinary; a classic wine

91-95 --  Outstanding; superior wine     
81-90 --  Very good to terrific; a great wine
71-80 --  Good to very good; wine with special qualities
61-70 –  Slightly above average to good; wine with various degrees of flavor
51-60 --  Average; little distinction beyond being soundly made

41-50 --  Below average; probably drinkable. This is what French call 'vin de merde''

31-40 --  Poor; probably drinkable. May have a slight vinegary edge & vinegary flavors.
21-30 --  Undrinkable, made of grapes, rotten apples or other fruits. Loved by winos on a low budget

11-20  Horrible & awful; undrinkable, not recommended
  1-10 –  Vinegars, good and bad. Don’t drink!


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